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Damage-Free Towing Services 
We are equipped to tow all vehicles without damaging them. If you are stuck on the side of road and your car just won't go, call Phoenix Repossession. We'll get you and your car where you need to go 24 hours a day (602) 460-1286 with our very affordable towing services in Phoenix, Scottsdale or anywhere in the entire valley. We take Automotive towing services very seriously here at AE Recovery and Towing. We believe in towing the proper way every time. Never let another person tow you in their personal vehicle. Not only is it against the law but it is very dangerous. Our equipment is designed specifically for towing and is always updated as technology advances. We work with wreckers and flatbeds for towing all types of vehicles. Some people say that flatbed towing is better than using a wrecker but that is just not true. Both methods are very safe.

Repossession Services - Collateral Recovery
If you have collateral that needs to be recovered, we can help you! Be it a private party repossession, dealership repossession or lending institution repossession, AE Recovery and Towing can take care of all of your repossession service needs. We provide our own skip tracing and investigative services; if you require them.

Free Junk Car Removal/ Abandoned Vehicle Removal
Got an old junker in the back or side yard that needs to be removed? Did someone leave a car at your house and now you cant get ahold of them? We will come to you and remove it free of charge.

Our drivers all carry lockout kits. If you have locked your keys in your car we can get it open for you. Never let an untrained person try to unlock your vehicle! Your car has delicate pieces inside the door that can be easily damaged by a person trying to "jimmy" your door. The door frame itself can be bent by a person trying to use a screwdriver to pry open the door to get at the locks.  

Out of Gas?
We can bring gas to you if you can't get to a service station yourself.

AE Recovery and Towing Service will buy junk and scrap vehicles of all kinds! We pay cash for junk cars! Do you need extra cash and you have an old junk car in the back yard that you no longer want? Turn it into cash! Call us today. We can handle vehicle donations for you also. We can get rid of that old junk car with or without a title. No Problem! We can pay you up to $500.00 on the spot and a tow truck will tow it away for free. Call today and see how much we can offer you for your unwanted car, truck or van. All makes and models welcome

Each city has strict guidelines regarding the proper signage required for private property restricted parking, fire lane restrictions and general no parking areas. These laws are in accordance with the Arizona Revised Statutes. Occasionally, the state legislature or city councils propose new legislation that may or may not impact private property towing requirements. Customer Service and Management personnel continually monitor private property impound laws.

AE Recovery and Towing Service will work closely with the property management team accessing the specific needs for each individual property. Some properties may have more of a problem with abandoned or junk cars. Others may have problems with residents or guest parking cars in front of the dumpsters. When the waste removal company arrives to remove the trash, their drivers are unable to access the dumpster. Each property is unique and at AE Recovery and Towing Service, we make every effort to customize our service to the property's specific needs.

AE Recovery and Towing Service is capable of moving or removing abandoned vehicles, junk cars, unregistered or inoperable vehicles, campers or larger trucks.

AE Recovery and Towing Service provides appropriate signage at no charge to management unless the management company would like signs that are customized for the property. Installation is at no charge. Warning stickers are provided at no charge as well as legal impound forms. For properties that have assigned parking and authorize the residents to have vehicles removed form their space, AE Recovery and Towing can provide "Tenant Tow" cards at no charge.

Phoenix has become a community where Spanish is either the first or second language of many area residents. AE Recovery and Towing Service offers fluent Bi-lingual Customer Service.

Every now and then, a member of the management staff may have a vehicle removed from their property that should not have been towed. The owner of the vehicle may have been out of town for an extended period of time and not able to respond to the warning sticker placed on the vehicle. AE Recovery and Towing Service has a "No Charge for Managerial Error" policy. This means that when authorized in writing by the property manager, a vehicle may be released at no charge to the registered owner. AE Recovery and Towing Service requests that the registered owner pick up the vehicle at the storage/impound lot for the "No Charge" service.

Many property mangers are not aware of which vehicles are parking on the property in the middle of the night. AE Recovery and Towing Service can, upon request, check the vehicles on site at night. They will check the property for any unregistered cars. They will also check the cars to see if they appear to be inoperable (flat tires, excessive dust buildup, cobwebs, etc.) They will provide a list of these vehicles and their general location. It is then up to the management to decide what they would like to have done with these vehicles.

AE Recovery and Towing Service always reports the vehicle being towed to local law enforcement. This policy ensures the vehicle is not stolen and also provides law enforcement with the tow company information. When the registered owner calls, they will be advised of the vehicle location.

AE Recovery and Towing Service consistently provides timely, reliable, courteous towing services. Call our office to schedule a meeting with our knowledgeable customer service representatives.

AE Recovery and Towing Service has a proactive approach to the impound industry that will work for every property's towing service needs.

Abandoned Vehicle Removal Services - AE Recovery and Towing has been towing away unwanted junk vehicles for many years and is recognized as the most trusted junk vehicle towing service in Phoenix. AE Recovery and Towing is the quickest, easiest and most convenient way to get rid of an unwanted junk car, truck, van, boat, trailer or RV. Flat tires, no registration, no title, been in an accident, failed emmissions? No matter what your situation may be, our knowledgeable junk car specialists are standing by to help you get rid of that junk car. We provide fast, free, no-hassle removal of junk cars and abandoned vehicles. AE Recovery and Towing will never charge you to remove that junker or abandoned vehicle. (in most cases)


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